We focus primarily on these two sections because they are very difficult for most students. Moreover, the Science sections are taken in College as prerequisites for most Dental Schools therefore most students prefer to review this on their own.



  • Learn all the important techniques

  • Common mistakes & how to fix them

  • Sculpt the most commonly tested patterns

  • 6 DAT exam style soaps


  • Tips and tricks for each section

  • How to improve your problem solving time

  • 5 full practice tests with answers


  • The language is tailored to your needs.

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  • Our last class will include a mock test. This will help assess where you’re still struggling and how to fix it.

Access to DATsoapcarving.ca ($250 value)

  • You will get access to www.DATsoapcarving.ca video lessons library so you can keep practicing from home up until the day of your test

  • We provide you with 6 DAT practice soaps from www.DATsoapcarving.ca


  • Information on admission criteria for CDN Dental Schools

  • Grading criteria for the Soap Carving & Manual Dexterity sections

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Dear students, due to COVID-19 there won't be any in person classes for the upcoming DAT. However, we have made our classes available online at www.DATsoapcarving.ca. There, you can find our entire soap carving curriculum, 10 full PAT practice tests, access to Steve the instructor to send photos of your soap carving and to answer any questions.
Thank you and good luck on your DAT!
15-hour crash course, spread over 3 days and takes place over 2 weekends
DAT course
Cours de TAED
DAT course
Cours de TAED
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I would like to thank you, Steve from the bottom of my heart for helping me to save time and study efficiently for this exam. The courses were very organized, straightforward and very clear. You provided us with a lot of tips and advices to improve our speed in the Soap carving and in the perceptual ability exercises. Thank you again for your patience and for this great experience.



The instructor, Steve, was able to condense the material into the most simplistic form, teaching us the most accurate and quickest methods to both carve soaps and solve PAT problems. The material as a whole, was detail-oriented and coherently-presented in a short span of time. No doubt one of the best investments made !



This course was truly amazing. I learned all the essentials in just a few condensed classes. Now, I'm really confident to take the DAT on february 20. Steve taught us all the fundamentals on how to carve the soap and gave us a few tips and strategies to get a really high score on the perceptual ability test. I really recommend this course if you want to get a high grade on the DAT!


Kirkland QC

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Really Good Class!!!! I strongly recommend it for students who want to pass the DAT exam!!! You will learn a lot in a nice environment. The teacher, Steeve is really nice and patient with students!!!


Chateauguay QC

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      When Steve the instructor started studying for his DAT he looked for classes in the Montreal area. Unfortunately, the only class he could find cost over $1200 and covered the entire DAT. He didn't want to pay to review his college science courses... he needed help with the subjects that weren't taught in school; the soap carving and the PAT.


     During many months and for several hours a day he painstakingly practiced soap carving and PAT examples. When Steve finally passed his DAT exam in Montreal, he received the highest grade in the province of Quebec in both the perceptual ability and soap carving sections allowing him to secure his place in dental school. That's when he decided to try and help other students so that they wouldn't have to go through what he went through to get a good grade. And so, he created TAEDATMTL.


      Upon creating his class, he purchased all of the top online DAT materials he could get his hands on, including videos, books and everything in between. He thus combined all of his self-taught tricks and techniques with the best techniques money can buy online to create the best possible curriculum just for you.

       After being accepted into dental medicine he recruited other dental students that aced their DATs to join his effort to get students dreaming of being dentists get into dentistry!


      So far, TAEDATMTL has a 100% passing student success rate along with a 5-star rating on FB and 4.9 stars on Google.

    In early 2016 Steve partnered with DATsoapcarving.ca to teach students across Canada how to soap carve for the DAT. He has since created their full online video lessons library.



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